I really like reading reviews of tools before I buy them but I couldn't find much on the Chicago Electric Mig 170 other than the capacitor mods. I thought I would share my experience with this welder and hopefully other owners will share theirs so people can see what these things can and can't do. First a little background on the welder. I bought it back in October because I wanted something that I could MIG weld steel less than 3/16th inch. While I haven't hooked up the gas for it yet I have run over 20lbs of flux core wire through it without doing any mods to it.

So here are my thoughts:

It is a good welder. Not a great welder, not a bad welder but a good welder.

The ground clamp looks like the clamp on my battery charger. It works fine for everything less than the welder's max settings. When the welder is maxed out the ground clamp spot welds itself to whatever it's attached to.

It will weld 1/4 inch steel, but it won't like it. Everything gets hot including the ground lead (4awg), the torch lead (it has a 10awg wire in it), the torch, and the welder.

It doesn't have a gas solenoid so the valve is in the torch making the trigger harder to push than other welders.

I can weld 1/8th inch as long as I want with out it over heating. 1/4 inch not so much.

The verdict: It is cheap and it welds. I've put a ton of hours on it so far and it hasn't burst into flames. I would buy it again if this one died. I plan on changing the ground clamp to a real ground clamp. As far as the capacitor mods, unless you are doing them for fun I don't think it is worth it. It's arc is fine and this welder can barely hold it together at 170 amps.

Here are some pictures of it after being put through it's paces.
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Do you have a Mig 170? What are your thoughts on it?