Starcut plasma cutter
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    Sep 2014

    Starcut plasma cutter

    Just wondering what comments someone who used one of these might have. They're getting old but my other powcon is such a beast that I keep pondering whether a starcut might be worth picking up. Comments?

    Throwing good money after bad vs digging deeper and getting an equivalent stand-alone hypertherm?

    If you have a line on a decent deal for one, let me know.

    Someone got a screaming deal here 105 bucks at auction. I would have been on that all day long, even if it had problems.

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    Re: Starcut plasma cutter

    they work ok for what they are. But they are definitely not a modern plasma by any standards. I have two of them... they work fine for severing material.
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    Re: Starcut plasma cutter

    If you can get consumables. they will ware out twice a fast as a new hypertherm.
    Plus they are picky on what welder you use to power them. 3phase or inverters work best.
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    Re: Starcut plasma cutter

    I just picked one up I think I paid 175. It was a bundle deal. Only tried it once and it seems to cut great. Heres a pic of the one I just got. Name:  image.jpg
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