EverLast PowerMTS 211Si - Just Gettin Started
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    EverLast PowerMTS 211Si - Just Gettin Started

    Hi All
    Recently retired and wanted to get into some metal working (just for fun and light projects). Prior to this I have primarily just worked with wood (again only light projects).
    On the metal work side, I have a small RF-30 type milling machine and a Grizzly 8 x 20 lathe. Both are older units that I had to rebuild.
    I also have a Lotos LTP 8000 (80 amp plasma cutter) that is great - still amazes me every time I use it.
    But back to welding. I got tired of always having to fasten things together with nuts and bolts so decided it was time to try to pick up welding.
    A few months ago I bought an el cheapo HF 90 amp FCAW only unit and quickly found out it wasn't going to keep me happy. But at least it got me started.
    I have been investigating larger GMAW/FCAW units as well as some multipurpose ones (with TIG/Stick). Definitely wanted something I could grow into that was also carryable (when necessary) and with 120/240 input. I ended up blowing the wad on an EverLast MTS 211Si. It is due to arrive next week.
    It's a fairly new design so I have not seen much info on the forums (like none). So I would like to start a thread here.
    Anyone out there playing with it yet?

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    Re: EverLast PowerMTS 211Si - Just Gettin Started

    Welcome to the forum.
    Lincoln A/C 225
    Everlast P/A 200

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