New: 2016 Power i-TIG 201 DC Pulse TIG/Stick 120/240V Welder from Everlast
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    New: 2016 Power i-TIG 201 DC Pulse TIG/Stick 120/240V Welder from Everlast

    Everlast has been on a 3 year course to introduce several new welders and revisions of many models. The 2016 Power i-TIG 201 will replace the Power i-TIG 200. This new model has been improved internally from the previous 200 and features digital control but for those guys that like to have knobs and switches, it will retain the analog input feature for adjustment. This new model incorporates a mostly plug and play design to improve reliability and long term serviceability, while reducing the internal footprint and complexity. It is still a great choice for the niche markets that were carved out by the 200, such as gun smithery, and specialty manufacturers. Don't worry, basic parameters and specs are very similar to the old 200. IF anything, they are a tad better.
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    Re: New: 2016 Power i-TIG 201 DC Pulse TIG/Stick 120/240V Welder from Everlast

    After adding a pedal to this. The price is very close to the Power I-TIG 200T that comes with a pedal. What would be the benefit of this vs. the 200T other than the newer points setup for HF start compared to the older tube style in the 200T? I am looking to mostly do automotive restoration work/fabrication with either of these models and having a hard time deciding which would be a better fit. I will be primarily working with CR steel that is between 12 and 20 gauge. I have no desire to learn or work with aluminum so an AC/DC TIG is not on my radar. I will definitely get a WP9 torch with gas lens to keep the heat out of the thin metal as much as possible. I like the pulse features of both but not sure which one would better fit my needs.

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