New: 2016 Power i-MIG 275S MIG/Stick DC welder
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    New: 2016 Power i-MIG 275S MIG/Stick DC welder

    For those looking not only for a powerful but also a relatively compact MIG, the Power i-MIG 275S delivers both. The new Power i-MIG 275 delivers 275 amps of MIG welding power at 50% duty cycle. That's right 50%. It features two fans for improved but relatively quiet cooling to deliver the duty cycle promised. This unit is small enough to be carried around or placed on a cart but it doesn't sacrifice wire capacity to do so. It will hold a 12" roll of wire, up to 44 lbs. The wire feeder mechanism is a heavy-duty 4 roll drive in which top and bottom rolls are driven. The synergic feature is a useful option as well for easy adjustment and setup. Of course, the manual mode is always available as well if you find the synergic feature isn't geared toward your style of welding. The welder includes a heavy-duty 36 series Binzel style gun. Additionally this unit is able to stick weld and offers exceptional arc characteristics and control with arc force, hot start time, hot start intensity and even E6010 (cellulose rod type) capability.

    If you find settings you like, don't worry about forgetting them or loosing them. You can save up to 9 programs. Burn back control and MIG inductance are standard features as well.
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