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    Re: The Welding Cart Thread... Post 'Em Up!!

    Quote Originally Posted by jrporter View Post
    Nothing wrong with your gussets - not works of art but plenty functional. Question for you, since I have a similar tool chest and thinking of stealing some of your ideas. You show two configurations - one with wheels under the tanks, and one with the wheels inboard under the chest. I'm guessing you ended up using the wheels outboard under the gas?
    At first I thought I would be able to get away with not moving the wheels outboard. But, I had a suspicion that it would be a bit tippy, so before I painted it I welded in plates to relocate the wheels just in case.

    I'm glad I did, because even with the tool box filled with tools and the welder on top, the bottles were heavy enough to cause concern.
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    Re: The Welding Cart Thread... Post 'Em Up!!

    Here is my cart. Construction derives from 100% scrap: bed rails and dishwasher front panel, wheels from old garbage can, plastic sheet from GP pickup years back. The upper trays pivot in and out to keep things tucked up. I've since added a rod holder insert on the lower tray. Front casters were from the rails (trimmed out). My daughters keep me stocked in bed rails from the throw-outs at the apartment.

    Name:  Welding Cart Composite.jpg
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    Re: The Welding Cart Thread... Post 'Em Up!!

    Finally finished this cart, will be putting the Everest and my plasma cutter on soon along with everything else. May add rod holders soon, something that bolts on. Name:  ilwmLg9FRx6Zv5ONFMPuKQ.jpg
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    Re: The Welding Cart Thread... Post 'Em Up!!

    Here's a few more:Name:  6lan8sSaSw2TQr8TQsVreA.jpg
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Size:  143.1 KBName:  TZGDoM3gSMWNWmw72yhoeg.jpg
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    Re: The Welding Cart Thread... Post 'Em Up!!

    Nice!! Like the nuts and bolts cable hangers and thumbs up on the paintjob.
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    Re: The Welding Cart Thread... Post 'Em Up!!

    Thanks got everything on it today. Name:  DE45AEAD-58E0-4F26-805E-9521532DDAE5.jpg
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    Re: The Welding Cart Thread... Post 'Em Up!!

    Love the paint... nice work!
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    The Welding Cart Thread... Post 'Em Up!!

    Add me to lovin’ the airbrush job! Too cool!!

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