If You Happen To Get A Spam Private Message.... PLEASE READ!
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    If You Happen To Get A Spam Private Message.... PLEASE READ!

    Lately, we have had a few spammers use the private message system to circulate their ads and what not. Most of the time, they will just post to the general boards, but by using PMs they can post more links and ads with less chance of immediate discovery and removal.

    If you happen to get such a message, PLEASE REPORT IT!! DO NOT COPY AND PUT IT IN A THREAD ON THE GENERAL BOARDS!!!!!

    When ppl copy spam or quote it in a thread, it makes more work for us to delete it and clean up posts made regarding it. Usually, we catch it within minutes of it being posted. By the time we get a few reports, it's usually already been dealt with. Please be assured that the moderators work very hard to keep the site spam free. When the site membership reports it, we can quickly find and deal with it.

    Thanks to everyone for making this site such a great place!

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    Re: If You Happen To Get A Spam Private Message.... PLEASE READ!

    Also note that with Spam PM's, even though we ban the spammer, the site doesn't automatically delete the PM's they posted like it does with threads. Simply delete the spam PM and report it. Chances are we have already banned the spammer, but the PM simply needs to be deleted at your end.

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