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    Re: truck or trailer for welding rig?

    Quote Originally Posted by HOBART View Post
    as previously stated, i decided when the time comes to go with a truck. for now i am hauling my machine on my trailer. i went to my inlaws to practice some on monday. it began to snow when i was there. finished up my practice session, drove home, and had a nice coat of brown ice all over the side of my machine tha was facing the rear of the truck. not good. something to think about for people who live where it snows and are considering a traler.
    I am sure this was one of the considerations Yorkie Pap had when he chose an enclosed trailer, to keep all his equipment protected from the elements. It also protects from thieving hands. Not to mention a larger advertising billboard.
    I'm curious to see what Hobarts rig is going to look like when he has it set up to his liking. I wonder if it will be a new thread or a continuation of this one. Maybe one day we will see. I hope someday he learns how to use capitol letters where appropriate and spell THE correctly as was already mentioned. If he is highly successful in his next endeavor he might can hire a typist to take care of these things for him

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    Re: truck or trailer for welding rig?

    Hey Bistineau,
    How astute of you to come to that conclusion.....glad to see another who also in favor of "simple is better" works.

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    Re: truck or trailer for welding rig?

    i'll post in this thread. pics of teh truck and the typist. thanks guys

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    Re: truck or trailer for welding rig?

    I guess it all depends on your work. If I was structural or pipe, it would on the truck for me. I like it on a trailer for custom fab work as its in the yard most of the time while you are either in the shop, parts chasing or doing installs. I don't want a heavy truck or cube for the day to day. Ideally, I'd have a tandem enclosed trailer with a drop ramp and a trailblazer on a pneumatic cart for full portability - run out of the trailer or roll it wherever you want.

    Drawbacks are your rig gets pretty long and tough to get in tight spots
    Plusses - truck lasts longer, tools safe and dry, update/change your TV whenever you want and you can leave your gear/crews working if you have to leave site
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