Esab Caddy MIG 160 consumables?
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    Esab Caddy MIG 160 consumables?

    Hoping I can find some help here. I've got a Caddy MIG 160 and am looking for nozzles and the springs that retain them. I've been able to find the Esab part numbers (0700 200 054 and 0700 200 058), but I can't find anywhere that sells them. Any idea? Do they interchange with anything else?

    Also - are there other guns that will work with this welder? I'd like to have some longer leads.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Esab Caddy MIG 160 consumables?

    Looks like has them so I ordered a couple. Also, I cut/pasted the wrong p/n for the spring. It's 0700 200 078.

    Anyways - still interested in if other guns will work with the welder.

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    Re: Esab Caddy MIG 160 consumables?

    Call HTP AMERICA 1 800 USA WELD. They can help.
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    Re: Esab Caddy MIG 160 consumables?

    Probably a billion nozzles on Ebay for a Binzel gun, like on the Esab. Could even pick them up at HF..

    You would have to do some work to fit a different gun. Possible but not real easy..
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    Re: Esab Caddy MIG 160 consumables?

    since esab is switching to tweco guns. Call ESAB tech support and ask them if there is a replacement tweco gun that will fit your welder.

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    Re: Esab Caddy MIG 160 consumables?

    Caddy has been discontinued. ESAB picked up and gave credit to any remaining Caddy units in stores. They're will be no gun option for them. Front end parts are easy to find.

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