UCC-305 LINDE Heliarc
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    UCC-305 LINDE Heliarc

    I have a UCC-305 that had a one owner care taker employee pretty much all of its life up until he died. It sat... and new person was hired that talked them into getting a new welder so they replaced this one and sold it to me.

    It works great!! But... the gas stays on all the time. So the minute you turn it on the gas is going.

    Anyone have any experience with one of these? I plan to take the panels off of it and open it up today to check solenoids/inspect the post flow timer and just blow all of the dust out of it.

    Is there a way to tell what year it was made? Students are curious- and they're wondering how much it cost new.

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    Re: UCC-305 LINDE Heliarc

    I checked out a pic on the google and it looks like an old enough machine that it just has a generic gas solenoid mounted in it.

    If it were mine, I'd check the power to that solenoid and see if it's powered all the time or not.

    If the power is running to it all the time, the problem is upstream.
    If the power is off, and turns on with the foot control, then the solenoid is likely just bad (they are pretty cheap).

    On my old Airco 300 (miler abp) the problem was the post flow timer. Also fairly cheap to replace.
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    Re: UCC-305 LINDE Heliarc

    If you turn the power off and it still flows then the valve is bad. It should be a 115VAC Gas Solenoid.

    You can try to take it apart and fix it.

    Also you could replace it with a 115VAC solenoid from a Miller S52 feeder the part number is 223895.
    You will have to "make it fit". But it will work.

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    Re: UCC-305 LINDE Heliarc

    Or it could be the time delay relay. We went thru a few of them. Problem was most always continuous gas flow until power cut.

    PM me and I will see if perhaps I have an old spare in the parts drawer.
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