I have a lincoln sae 300 that I'm looking to trade for a sa 200 or similar welder.

My welder is a running welding project that I currently have. It has a 6 cylinder international harvester c221 engine. I'm currently cleaning out the gas tank that has minor rust in th bottom. Also cleaning the carb. I was having issues with it during at times going into low idle. All wiring is there and intact but could use a good rewiring due to wires being sliced in a few spots and being brittle. It has a key ignition. Oil pressure and ampere gauge. I have replaced the fluids, plugs. Plug wires and cap look in good condition. Welder has surface rust and needs to be cleaned and painted. It is wired for remote but not sure if it works.

I'm looking to trade for a sa 200 in similar condition or better if possible.

Side note. I believe it is a 1967 but not positive.

Code #- 7096

Serial #- A676932

Located in Corning, California

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