Power Cool W400?
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    Power Cool W400?

    Anyone know the dimensions of this unit? Looks like it might be intended to mount under a welder. I've got a 255EXT and am going to buy a water cooler; be nice if the W400 would fit under it.

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    Re: Power Cool W400?

    It will, but you will find that the cooler is a bit oversized for the unit. It is designed to nest under the larger units, such as the 350EXT.
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    Re: Power Cool W400?

    I have the 350 EXT and use the smaller W300, it has been fine. The W400 wasn't available at the time. I've run my 20 water cooled torch at 260 amps and the torch never gets hot. The W300 is plenty of cooler for the job, though I'm happy so see they offer a bigger unit now, which I would have gotten if it were available last year.
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    Re: Power Cool W400?

    Dimensions are roughly 30"L x 11"W x 10.5"H. The height is taking into account the feet and top stacking rails.

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    Re: Power Cool W400?

    Seems to stack up just fine. (Had to move around the top and bottom standoffs though.)
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