Miller Thunderbolt AC/DC '97-98 era
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    Miller Thunderbolt AC/DC '97-98 era

    If anyone is close enough to pick it up, I am selling one of my Thunderbolts. It has good factory leads with no cracks, and is in very nice shape. I just put a new plug end on it, because the PO had a dryer plug end on it. Just opened it up and blew it out and greased and adjusted the shunt block. Ran a couple of nice 6013 beads after buttoning it back up and it's good to go. I'm in Cedar City, Utah. Shoot me a PM if you're interested. I also have it listed locally on Craigslist, but the effing scammers are killing me! I have it listed for $325 on CL, but for someone here I'd make a bit better deal. Only reason I'm selling it is it's a spare Thunderbolt and I am trying to squirrel away enough to buy a Dialarc I have a line on.
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