PowCon 400 SMT welder & PD10 Wirefeeder
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    PowCon 400 SMT welder & PD10 Wirefeeder


    I have an old shed with some used power equipment inside that I know nothing about. Luckily I am moving and would like to sell these items ASAP.

    I don't know what else to type since I have almost no knowledge of this stuff but I shall leave pictures if possible.

    Please leave feedbakc on any info you might know or a price I could get with it being in the condition it is now.

    Thank you and gooddayName:  IMG_1447.jpg
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    Re: PowCon 400 SMT welder & PD10 Wirefeeder

    Tiger Sales: AHP Distributor www.tigersalesco.com
    AHP200x; AHP 160ST; MM350P, Spoolmatic 30A; Everlast PowerTig 185; ESAB 875 plasma;Evo 355. OA

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    Re: PowCon 400 SMT welder & PD10 Wirefeeder

    Maricopa, Arizona! 85138

    I also have a large air pressurizer that I would like to sell as well.

    I am having alot of trouble getting these pieces out of my place, any help would be GREATLY appreciated

    Thank you

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