Craigslist Jet Bandsaw for sale- what y’all think?
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    Craigslist Jet Bandsaw for sale- what y’all think?


    It is a HVBS-7MW model and looks to be in pretty rough shape. Has some kind of makeshift stand. Seller sent me a pic of the metal plate with the model and serial # but thats it. Is it worth going to take a look at in person? If I do go look at it, anything that I should inspect or pay close attention to? I know its not an Ellis, but if I can talk him down in price, its definitely in my budget.


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    Re: Craigslist Jet Bandsaw for sale- what y’all think?

    I wouldnt go over 200 for that. The thing about Jet tools is- if you buy the top of the line Jet, new, and take care of it, its a decent tool. If you buy the bottom of the line Jet, rode hard and put away wet, its close to scrap. Call up these guys and see what they have- they are the national scratch and dent sellers of Jet, Wilton, and Powermatic, and they have new but dented saws, usually a couple dozen saws in stock ranging from tiny to gigantic.
    you gotta call em, they dont post the dented stuff online.

    I bought a mill, an 18"x 60" lathe, and a 10x16 bandsaw from them over the years, all basically new but at really good discounts.

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    Re: Craigslist Jet Bandsaw for sale- what y’all think?

    Garbage but see if the idiot offers his sister in a different section of that rag. The sellers other metal plate is probably in his head.
    Look on ebay for one and specify your zip-code and amount of miles when you search.Be patient. If you have 4-5 hundred pesos you can get a decent old Kalamazoo, Johnson or something to play with and wind up with a REAL saw.

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