Need advice on LN-7...
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    Need advice on LN-7...

    I have a chance to buy a mig welder from a factory closure. I'm not sure if it would be a good home welder or not. It looks pretty big and heavy and unlike any mig welder I've seen. It's in two parts, a cv250 base and LN-7 on top. I currently have a Hobart Handler 140 and an AC225 so I have a 240V / 50 amp circuit in my shop (I wired it myself with 6-2 wire.) Would this machine even be a viable choice for home? The original buyer backed out and they said they "would let it go cheap". What do you think? Thanks for any information. Name:  ln-7.jpg
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    Re: Need advice on LN-7...

    Well, I think I answered my own question, I think that cv-250 requires 3 phase input. Would a simple variable frequency drive be enough to power it? Sounding like it might be more trouble than it's worth.
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    Re: Need advice on LN-7...

    Probably needs plenty of surge when flipping the switch on?
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    Re: Need advice on LN-7...

    Yeah, the three phase requirement will make this pretty much useless to the average person.
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