Tips for running older Zip Cut
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    Tips for running older Zip Cut

    I finally picked up my first plasma cutter. A guy was closing up a shop so I got a Zip Cut made sometime around '85 according to Miller's site. Seemed like a good buy b/c of being a heavy built transformer machine. I've got the manual and am reading up on it. Any particular tips on running a machine like this (vs the newer inverter stuff) or is it pretty much self explanatory and just like any other cutter? No dials just simply a low output and a high output.

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    Re: Tips for running older Zip Cut

    I wish you a truck load of luck.
    Fought with a ZipCut for a year till I replaced that clunker with a Thermal Dynamics machine.

    Tips, good luck keeping the ceramic cup on the gun. WHEN it falls off the machine stops working.

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