DeWalt Dwe43066 is temperamental.
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    Dec 2014

    DeWalt Dwe43066 is temperamental.

    I bought a few of these over the winter. E-clutch, soft start, and 'smart switch'.

    All 3 run fine in the shop on mains power, but only flutter on the 305g efi. Plugs read 125vac on high idle, but can't read the frequency. All of my other equipment runs fine on it.

    Can anyone else verify this, or have a workaround? The documentation doesn't mention this, not can I find anything using Google.


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    Re: DeWalt Dwe43066 is temperamental.

    I don't but I know exactly who I'd ask. Check out AvE's Youtube channel. He's a professional engineer and his tool dissections and commentary are far superior to others. Post in a recent thread as he has many videos.

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