305D no 110V power and won't idle down.
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    305D no 110V power and won't idle down.

    Well my 305D starting acting up today, last time I ran it two weeks ago there was no issues. Today I started it, and walked away for a bit and noticed that it would try and idle down, then rev back up again. I thought that was weird so I went over to it and noticed that once it tried to idle down, the amp display would go blank, then it would rev back up then the display would work again. So I thought that wasn't right, so I went and kicked it into high idle plugged in a 120V sander I had in the shop and it barely turned over. Grabbed a multi meter and measured the output volts on the 110V plugs and they were at 33v AC. Any idea what the problem is and where to start looking? I have done a little research and thought maybe it could be the PC board? Any help would be great, thanks

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    Re: 305D no 110V power and won't idle down.

    The 305D we have at work doesnt have aux power, hasnt since a few months new (they neglected to take it in for warranty when they could) i looked into it one day and found out that the original on/off switch (In between all of the circuit breakers) had burnt apart on the bottom side, we dont have a multi meter at work so i couldnt test whether it had any voltage at all for you, and i aint bringin my good one in! haha but maybe thats something to check? only took about 5 minutes to figure it out

    For your no idle down, the same 305D at work has throttle ball problems (2nd throttle joint assembly since new) but for that case, the throttle ball pops out of the socket and goes down to bare minimum idle (Amp display goes blank)

    Im not sure about these machines, im no lincoln tech, but maybe the throttle linkage is out of adjustment and the throttle goes down too far (as in blank display) and the computer realizes and idles back up to keep weld output? something to check out anyway!

    Hope this might help, like i said im no tech whiz from lincoln!
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