Hobart g-225-k
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Thread: Hobart g-225-k

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    Hobart g-225-k

    New to the forum, but not to welding, a multi process U,A, pipefitter /pipewelder and in need of a manual for a HOBART G-225-K as it is missing a throttle control for the Kohler K17 gas engine that is on it and i would like to understand how the system should work. rather than run it in wide open throttle at all times like it is "rigged", nice old unit though. Thanks for the help.
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    Re: Hobart g-225-k

    not to side track , but I have been looking for one of these machines , my grandfather used to have one. if you ever decide to part with it PM me please
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    Re: Hobart g-225-k

    Put a post on the Hobart Forum. There is a member there Expert Keith. He has so much information on these old Hobart Machines. He will need a serial #.

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    Re: Hobart g-225-k

    Quote Originally Posted by TomP83 View Post
    not to side track , but I have been looking for one of these machines , my grandfather used to have one. if you ever decide to part with it PM me please
    Will keep you in mind, as i just got the unit off the local CL for a song, and have used similar gas drives in the pipe trade, I am just finishing putting it back together, the unit was left outside for too long and with those mufflers facing the sky the K17 froze up tight, set of jugs and some TLC it is coming together, the apprentices used to put coffee cans on the mufflers at the end of the shift back then to prevent water going down the exhaust, ah, the old days!, once it runs will check out the weld end, but it looks intact and undamaged, should burn 5p nice as they always did.

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    Re: Hobart g-225-k

    I just contacted Hobart by email to request any info they had on my GW2235, they responded within 24 hours with info requested plus additional. Good luck!

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    Re: Hobart g-225-k

    Well i did get the owners manual for the G-225-K, from Hobart, took a couple of requests and submitting the correct information, my information label was unreadable for the most part, but found a label with serial number within the unit. This helps as I am trying to replace the missing speed control, some downloaded pictures and such show the knob and not much detail, i need to get it right to operate at the correct speeds, The unit is 90% except for that and its missing gas tank which now uses a metal marine tank with larger capacity. Where can i obtain the Brushes for this unit, Hobart #402788, do any other models cross with this type, thanks for your help on the manual.

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