Good morning all,
So I searched through the forum and every other board I could think of and can’t find any help for my issue. Running an idealarc sp-250 mig, you strike up an arc and it welds just fine for about 3.5 seconds, then all of the sudden it drops the arc and feed speed (wire will glow red but not melt) if you let of the trigger real quick and pull it again it goes right back to welding, again for just a few seconds. It almost like it’s in stitch mode but if I select stitch it does the same thing. I went through the trouble shooting in the manual and the best solution I can come up with is the SCR is going bad. I would assume though if it is the SCR it wouldn’t work at all. Any help would be appreciated, and sorry for the horrific post doing this from my phone is not ideal for those of use with short fat fingers.