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    Re: Purchasing Tungsten?

    Quote Originally Posted by Kelvin View Post
    So I just requested a refund, and ordered another box of 10 tungstens from another seller who had no such deceptive language in their ad...the saga continues...story at 11...
    ...and got the same results: 1.0mm tungstens.

    I'm guessing that for whatever reason, China is slam-full-up with 1.0 mm tungstens that they don't know what to do with, so they advertise 3/32" tungstens for $6.71 for 10, then when people receive the 1.0mm tungstens and complain, the Chinese vendors play dumb ("Golly, 3/32 inch isn't the same thing as 1 mm?") and then try to get you to agree to pay $3 or $4 for them. Nope, I ain't playing that game, and I'm not footing the bill to ship back something that was misrepresented in the ad...so now I've got 20 "freebie" tungstens that are 1 mm diameter that I will prolly never use...

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    Re: Purchasing Tungsten?

    each time i see this ongoing ad, i think of fools gold, or similar. tungsten per volume, is very close to weight in gold. so peoples impregnate gold w/ tungsten to sell

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