More & Cheaper neck options for Miller Alumapro and spoolguns
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    More & Cheaper neck options for Miller Alumapro and spoolguns

    I was looking at pricing for replacement MIG necks for my Alumapro XR-A push pull and 30A spoolgun. Quickly discovered that each of these has a special backend that is unique to each device. The push pull had a different connection than the spoolgun. The selection of necks is limited and they run upwards of $200+ each. Started looking for a cheaper option. I already own all Bernard Centerfire MIG guns and have multiple necks I can swap between them. Bernard makes Miller guns. Discovered they also make adapters for both the spoolgun and push pull guns to run regular Bernard necks. Their necks start around $30. Sure beats Miller.
    So here are the part numbers for the Bernard adapters:
    SGA-3 = ALUMAPRO XRA push pull
    SGA-1 = XRM-A 15A, 30A spoolgun
    Paid $52.22 each at

    As the nozzles, diffuser, tips are all interchangeable, u can swap them across the necks.
    D-1 is the diffuser for the standard nozzles and DS-1 is what I need for small nozzles.
    QT 5-60 is 5 inch 60* bend. The kits also include 2 different diameter jump liners.
    The straight one and the shortest one are the Miller OEM necks. (Both changed to Centerfire consumables)
    For reference, my flex neck at the bottom is the 6" they also have 8"
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