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Thread: Autodarkening

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    So I purchased a new helmet that has four sensors and is specified to be good to 5 amps DC.
    I am still getting flashed when it does not darken at 100 amps DC.
    Works fine on AC and works fine on stick.
    Is there something I should be checking before I take it back for a refund?


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    Re: Autodarkening

    Take the thing back or, if it's solar charged and no battery, get it out in the sun for a couple hours for a good charge and then take it back if that doesn't help.
    Lotsa guys (and gurls) who seldom weld find a helmet flashing them if it's solar/no battery and seldom used.
    It's not a health risk, per say, they're all UV blockers.

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    Re: Autodarkening

    Common problem with AD hoods. Now knowing that it stays dark on AC, put your DC into high speed pulse at the least invasive ratios. I just had to do that Friday with a promo AD hood that we have. Works like a charm. Low speed pulse may work but I hate the headaches they give me. You can also try moving sensitivity to max.

    What tig machine do you have? What hood?
    Weld like a "WELDOR", not a wel-"DERR"
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    Re: Autodarkening

    I bought a miller t94 about 2 months ago had the same issues until I changed battery has worked flawlessly every since!! Very happy with the investment

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