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    Re: Suggestions On A 1/2" Plasma Cutter

    Rust, especially on the bottom of your cut will eliminate dross. Generally rust on top has no effect on your cut unless you use ohmic contact for locating the surface, as heavy rust is not very conductive. Spray a little water from a spray bottle on the top and the rust becomes conductive enough for ohmic to work. Jim Colt Hypertherm

    Quote Originally Posted by VPT View Post
    I've been told that before. Does the rust layer contaminate the cut more? Just get the crud off just so it is off? Is it bad for the consumables? There are times I will clean up a part before cutting but it has to be pretty bad. The plate in the video was back when I first had the machine, I guess I was more curious than anything if the rust would effect the cut and was why I just cut it the way it was.

    I do cut hand saws every week. Rusty "patina'ed" saws. I never clean anything off them as people want the patina. 99% of the time they cut fine. I think the times I do have trouble with them is because they don't ground well with the rust coating.

    The plate from the video:

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    Re: Suggestions On A 1/2" Plasma Cutter

    I will say cutting thicker metal at lower amps. (Generally nicer cut) leads to more slow speed dross over higher amps, and more speed. Just the fact of life on plasma cutting. You always give up something somewhere, to gain in another area.. It's all a compromise, and pick your poison. It even translates to different brands of machines, and consumable styles.. Because I can get quality cuts on .750 MS with a 45 amp machine, does not mean it's really the best way to go with it.. It's all I have now, and O/A-P cutting starts to hold advantages then lower amp units..Just nice to know you can get by with less if you have too.. First post was about .500 plasma, and the guy made the right pick in machines for that thickness. (IMO)
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    Re: Suggestions On A 1/2" Plasma Cutter

    Quote Originally Posted by jimcolt View Post
    I only recommend an air filter if you need it. High humidity regions need more than a filter (auto drain on compressor, dessicant or refrigerant style water separators, auto drains on the air lines, etc.), low to medium humidity areas where the plasma is for occasional use (hobby, small shop, etc.) generally do not need any filter (on a Hypertherm) as the onboard filter, oil and water separator is usually adequate. It really depends where you live and how much time is being put on your system on a daily basis as to what (if any) air filtration is needed. I do strongly recommend daily compressor tank draining....even better, an auto drain. Jim Colt Hypertherm
    This doesn't hurt either. I call it a $35 insurance .
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    Re: Suggestions On A 1/2" Plasma Cutter

    I have been liking my HF chiller/drier very much so far! Its not always humid here but when it is my air hose is like a garden hose!

    Not a drop after I installed the drier.
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