Gas question
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Thread: Gas question

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    Gas question

    Hi guys , encountered a rookie problem today l think, was using mig welder outside for a very small job , when finished l turned the gas off but left welder running , aftera short time there was a sharp bang , and gas pipe from regulator to welder burst , its thin plastic pipe that came with welder .
    Never happened before , had unit for a few years just wondered what cause was , is it simply that welder was left on ?
    Thanks. Jim

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    Re: Gas question

    Your regulator may have failed and over pressured the tubing.

    After closing the valve, there is still a little high pressure between the valve and regulator - may have bled through.
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    Re: Gas question

    was the welder and hose in direct sun? maybe the hose softened in the sun and with both the solenoid and valve closed the pressure increased to the bursting point of the softened hose.
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    Re: Gas question

    Replace the plastic one with a rubber hose. After it's installed turn on the gas and then turn it off and watch the low pressure gauge. If it starts increasing the reg is bad.
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    Re: Gas question

    Many thanks guys , yes it was in sunlight, (warm here for a change ) so hose would be soft , will replace with rubber hose and check regulator.
    Many thanks. J

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