Passivation products
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    Passivation products

    Does anyone know where I can buy some stainless steel passivaton products in Vancouver or maybe online? Or can I DIY it? I tried to clean rust off a stainless handrail I made but it just came back, used citric acid dissolved in tap water with an electrified wand.

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    Re: Passivation products

    i tried a homemade electric wand/ citric thing and failed. parts pads etc are crazy expensive and slow to use.

    now if pieces are small enough i heat in a citric bath, if bigger use pickling paste and a fleece (scotchbrite) pad on a burnisher.

    definitely a learning process but recently got this 10,000 gal tank passed inspection for a local water dept.

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    Re: Passivation products

    I've heard of using hot citric acid, but not with an electrolytic wand. I have heard of using phosphoric acid solution with a wand, but generally to get rid of welding heat tint.

    Have you tried oxalic acid? (not with a wand)
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