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    Re: Do i need a license for furniture fabrication?

    I googled metal stands with weld beads and came up dry

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    Re: Do i need a license for furniture fabrication?

    Wholesale, retail ? There are so many different licenses required for various aspects it would be a safe bet to say "if you are going to be in business, you are going to need a license".
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    Re: Do i need a license for furniture fabrication?

    you asked about the certs for companies that make things they sell for IKEA so I'll tell you how it went at most of the jobs I've welded at. At Assa Abloy where they make steel doors and frames mostly used in commercial type buildings, I walk in say some temp agency sent me there they take me to the back during their 10 minute break, the boss clamps two pieces of cut off together, tells me to weld it, I weld it and burn through, he says fix your hole, I fix it, he says now grind it flush, I grind it and he says when can you start. At artcobel we were making steel office/classroom furniture. I walk in they tell me I'm starting night shift, watch a safety video, I watch it come back the next day boss says ok put this thing here and this here and weld that. I do exactly that and bam thats all there was to it. we would take people who never welded in their life and tell them the exact same thing and thats how they learned it was so easy. absolutely no certs or any type of license needed for the welder. I'm sure the business has all kinds of insurances if they weren't big enough to be self insured. but as far as licensing is concerned the only thing they had going on was ISO 901 I think. could be wrong but its some number like that. I only saw the video once. pretty much means that everything you do is gonna be done the same in the same way so the customer can be sure that if they order 10,000 parts of something or other they get 10,000 parts exactly the same and not 10,000 parts that are pretty close but not really the same.

    Unless you plan on building millions of these stands for the world to buy you really don't need any type of certs or licenses for the welding side. I personally don't get as anal about the liability as I should but I have seen a guy without insurance replace something as simple as a washing machine feed hose for his friend and the o ring went bad and cost the homeowner thousands in damages since the whole entire floor beneath had to be replaced. will that happen to you probably not but the risk is on you. or the guy your building them for. in that case screw insurance. they just rip you off anyway.

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