Square wave 200
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Thread: Square wave 200

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    Square wave 200

    I have been looking at tig welders for years now. Well I'm in a position where I can get one. I have never tig weld welded a day I'm my life. So I am very green. I am looking at buying a square wave 200 from a friend. The unit is in good shape. Not a ton of time on it. Would this be a good unit to learn on? Is it worth $1000(I know how much they are new)? Would there be a better option around the same price? Is there anything I should look for on the unit? Sorry about all the questions just trying to make sure I make a halfway smart decision. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Square wave 200

    These are good little units. Nice for light aluminium work and solid stick welders also.

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    Re: Square wave 200

    The Chinese put out some decent stuff in that price range.
    Buy the Lincoln Man. You can pick up the phone and call tech support and talk to dudes and dudettes that will jabber an hour if you have an issue. It's a solid machine with 100 years backing it up

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    Re: Square wave 200

    Depends on what it comes with ready to weld with bottle you know you can have refilled might be worth it, also where your from has alot to do with it, they haven't been made in a few years so if you think it's fair price there a simple machine to operate and if it works like their first 180sd syncrowave before digital gauges it welds nice

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    Re: Square wave 200

    I ordered an everlast for way cheaper. After the third time they lied to my face about it shipping out “that day” I bought the Lincoln which has way less features, but does EVERYTHING I want it to do and more. And I got it the day after I ordered it. Personally for a used machine, I’d offer the guy 8 and see where it goes. Probably is worth a 1000 in good shape though.

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