Dual Argon regulator connection
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    Dual Argon regulator connection

    I have a question on connecting 2 regulators to a single Argon tank. I have a typical single out flow meter (with ball) and an argon flow gauge (gauge type). Is it safe to run a normal tank adapter to an ips tee then a short nipple to both regulators? I know this is a simple question, but I've never seen it done this way and I'm going to go plumping on the high side of the regulator without knowing for sure it's alright.

    Thanks to anyone who takes the time to help. Appreciate it.

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    Re: Dual Argon regulator connection

    Unless you require different gas pressures from each regulator you'll be better off going cylinder > regulator > T > 2 flowmeters on the low pressure side.

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    Re: Dual Argon regulator connection

    I agree and can't think of reason I would need to do so (which is probably the reason I haven't seen this done) but I was hoping to make use of the materials I have if safe to do so.

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    Re: Dual Argon regulator connection

    You must want run 2 machines off of 1 tank? Yes you can do it. I have a Gas Mixer hooked to one side of a Tee on an argon tank and a flowmeter on the other for my Tig rig. Done it for years. Just make sure that the Tee is rated for the tank pressure. I don't think I would build a Tee out of plumbing pipe. Good Luck..
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    Re: Dual Argon regulator connection

    Just buy a double flow meter. I think there around $100 irc. Used all the time to run a purge and a torch.

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