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    Re: Helmet flip down question

    Quote Originally Posted by Kelvin View Post
    I've never seen an autodark that gave as good a view of the puddle as a fixed shade, and I have a pretty good one (Miller Digital Elite).

    Any more, I only use the autodark for tacking or in weird positions (under the truck for example) where I'm on my side or it's hard to nod the hood down.

    No comparison between my fixed-shade shields and autodarks. Autodarks suck. Maybe that's why so many "real welders" use fixed shade. Or maybe OSHA doesn't approve autodarks...? (Seems like my welding instructor might have said that a few years back.)
    On the clarity issue, I’ve had the chance to use some of the quality fixed shade hoods with quality lenses. To me, 1/1/1/2 Clarity is not that discernible from 1/1/1/1. I actually like the color cast of the my Harbour Freight Vulcan brand Auto dark more than any of the fixed shades I’ve tried. Might be just differences in eyeballs though.

    Back on target however, I’d be grumpy as a wet hen if my AD Hood were to bite the dust. I do not miss the nod.

    I’m fairly certain I’ve seen quite a few pictures of welders with AD Hoods on professional job sites, so I don’t think OSHA disallows then in general, but perhaps in specific circumstances.
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    Re: Helmet flip down question

    I did hand rails at a hospital osha guy checked in ounce a week. Gave me hell on my grinder id chucked the gaurd. I had to buy a new grinder just for a gaurd , he always checked cords and leads for cuts. Never ounce did he look at my hood. Guy was picky.
    Ive been through osha 30hour and i cant remember anything on ad lenses. But i remember little of that 30hours

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