Are tig torches universal?
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    Are tig torches universal?

    Bought an ESAB 215 but it didn’t come with a Tig torch, is there a universal torch or do I need to speck a certain type? Any recommendations as well?
    I’ve been flux core welding on my dads older Hobart and just picked this up with an argon/co2 tank so I’m pretty new to all this. Also (sort of the same question ) how about a foot petal? Universal or not? Thanks guys.


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    Re: Are tig torches universal?

    I didn't like the torch that came with mine so I gave "Weld Fabulous " a call and they fixed me up with a CK torch and a Dinse connector to fit. I like the flexlock the best. I bought the ESAB pedal when I bought the welder. I think it was from welders supply.
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    Re: Are tig torches universal?

    They are mostly universal, although as noted, you need to specify the correct power and gas connections
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    Re: Are tig torches universal?

    Argon/co2 isn't what you need for tig, just argon

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    Re: Are tig torches universal?

    Which 215 did you get? Did you get it new?

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