Choosing gas tank sizes and mixes
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    Choosing gas tank sizes and mixes

    Just picked up an ESAB 215 with a small aluminum bottle of co2/argon but I’d like to get a larger bottle. On Craigslist I can get a T sized bottle of argon or co2/argon (he has one of each) for $350 each. I’m told that it’s hard to fund this sized bottle and the price for a refill is really good. In a town nearby I can buy a s tank of argon for $180. Here are my questions.

    1. Will these bottles be to big for my welding cart. Looks like the are 55” tall and 9.25” in diameter.

    2. Could I buy just the argon and find another tank of just co2 and with a Y send one line from the argon to mix the co2 for mug welding and the other leg be for tig welding?

    3. Am I better off buying the S tank and doing Q#2?

    4. Something else that I’m missing


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    Re: Choosing gas tank sizes and mixes

    Well, around my part of the world, the unit price, as in per pound, or per cubic foot price goes lower the more you buy at a time. So bigger tanks are a point.

    First issue with big tanks is most places only lease them. Not an issue if you use enough gas to justify it.

    Second issue is size and weight.
    A lot of people forget, or do not realize how heavy these tanks can get.

    As for the tank being too big for the cart, there are work arounds. If you not going to move the welder around the shop, you could just leave the tank standing near the wall, just make sure it's safely held by a chain, or similar manner. Just because it's inert gas doesn't mean its not potentially dangerous.


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    Re: Choosing gas tank sizes and mixes

    There's many posts on tanks. BEFORE buying check with your local suppliers on THEIR exchanges. Some will only do their tanks, 125 or 150 CF are the largest, while another may take anything. Tanks have certification dates stamped on them . Old ones maybe out of certification and will need to be recertified before refilling.
    It maybe less frustrating buying from local supplier . A 125 or 150 is the smallest I would suggest. A large 300 size is nice but heavy. I use a 300 oxygen on my oxygen/acetylene torch set. Oxygen is used up quick cutting. Oh, YOUR location will vary on price and even from supplier to supplier.

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