Need Recommendations for Welding Contractor
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    Need Recommendations for Welding Contractor

    As mentioned in the introduction section, I work for a defense contractor. We have a contract with a foreign country and as part of the contract, much of the work must be performed in that country. One of the contracts involves large welded structures, like the size of a 40' motorhome/RV. The company in this foreign country does not have the necessary experience require to design the fixtures/tooling that are required to weld large steel structures. I'm looking for recommendations of suppliers you may know of who have specific expertise in designing fixtures/tooling for large steel structures. Also, as part of the design process, welding sequences will also need to be developed to accompany the fixtures/tooling. Suppliers can be located anywhere, but USA is preferred.

    Any recommendations are appreciated.

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    Re: Need Recommendations for Welding Contractor

    Where are you located? Might I guess you are specifying AWS D1.1?
    Weld like a "WELDOR", not a wel-"DERR"
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