I know I am a new guy and this is my first post, but I wanted to place a word of caution regarding ordering from Everlast.

Almost six weeks ago I placed and order for a TIG machine. I was told it was to ship on July 11. When it did not, my inquiry was answered with a new date in August.

They sent me a UPS tracking number which remained as printed but not as shipped, and there were no updates on the new promised shipping date.

As of this morning the order was still MIA.

Admittedly a little torqued off I sent them an email referencing the possibility that I could file an IC3 complaint as the order was initiated via the internet.

Instead of shipping my order, they cancelled it! They said they are refunding my card. I have not seen any activity on this yet but I will have to monitor it for the next couple of days.

So now I am STILL needing a TIG machine, and have to worry about the refund going through, and Everlast refuses to sell to me! Geez thanks for the delay.

Now I have to shop again for welder as I cannot own an Everlast.

I am an honest small businessman, I am not a scammer or ripoff.

My business has an excellent reputation and excellent credit. Personally I also have an outstanding reputation for honesty and keeping my word.

I expect to be treated fairly and with honesty as that is how I treat all of my customers and vendors alike.

This experience has been unexpected given the reputation for quality that Everlast has.

I will post again when my credit is received.