Everlast 255ext vs 325ext
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    Everlast 255ext vs 325ext

    Does anyone have experience with both welders? I want to start getting into TIG welding but am unsure if I would really notice the difference between the two machines. The advertised min/max specs show both welders are capable of welding pretty much the same thicknesses of material, while I mostly weld 1/2" and under I do occasionally get to thicker material and having a capable welder that can weld thick material would be convenient. What differences will I notice in the 255ext compaired to the 325ext in thick material? With the sale going on now it's only a $240 upgrade to the 325ext, not too big of a deal considering how long I'll probobly use it. But on the other hand there seems to be more people that own the 255ext, and thus more reviews/potential trouble shooting/welding advice that is available for that unit. So right now it's kind of a stalemate decision beteen the two welders. What do you guys recomend?
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    Re: Everlast 255ext vs 325ext

    Never used any Everlast equipment. Wondered some of the same things. Not as much info out there (youtube, etc.) on the 325 as there is on the 255.
    Mr. Tig () welded some 3/8" aluminum with the 325ext. I wasn't terribly impressed.
    The 325 initially appealed to me for a few reasons:
    (1) Extra power if needed, 70 amps more. Already have a 250 amp TIG machine.
    (2) About the same weight as the 255, 65-67lbs. area. That's 1/2 the weight of the 350 unit that only gets you 30 more amps. over the 325.
    (3) Cost, yes $240 more isn't a deal breaker, the 350 is about $700 more.
    Not much difference between the two otherwise.
    The 255 is dual voltage 120/240volt-single phase only, the 325 is 240v single or 3 phase input. The 120V feature isn't important to me.
    The 255 is claimed to be better with 6010 stick than the 325. Not important to me. Almost never use stick.
    Negligible difference on the low end amps.
    255 power factor correction = 99% 325 efficiency >/=80%. No clue what either of those imply other than it sounds like the 325 is less efficient as it gets closer to top power.

    Right now the 250EX unit is looking good to me:
    I'm used to knobs already.
    Same size and weight as the 255/325, and I like the full length handle on top that they all share.
    Don't really "need" the extra wave forms - soft square, triangular, & sine I just want to play with those, been using sine wave for 35 years already.
    Don't need the memory feature.
    The 250EX seems to have a good track record, found more positive info about it that may be the result of being around longer?
    The EX is considerably less to buy.
    Reality: very rare (for me) to need more power than a 250 amp machine offers.
    I'm sure there are other differences. What is important to one will differ with others. I guess that is why they offer the different models. No one unit is always going to be the perfect blend of power, features/function and price. But we keep looking .
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