L/F Pilot Plasma Cutter for CNC
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    L/F Pilot Plasma Cutter for CNC

    Hi everyone,

    Will a L/F pilot starting plasma cutter work with a CNC machine? (Is it like a blowback start?)

    Background info:
    I am looking at making a CNC plasma cutter and know that a HF cutter won’t work but people use blowback style plasma cutters.

    However in Australia the only plasma cutter I can find that isn’t HF start is a UNIMIG razorcut 45 which uses a “Pilot L/F” as a means of plasma arc starting.

    My question is if this is like the blowback method used widely in CNC plasma cutters? The razorcut 80 uses the same staring method and has CNC connectivity which to me seems like it should work?

    I will attach a PDF of machine.


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    Re: L/F Pilot Plasma Cutter for CNC

    I have seen the term LF Pilot starting and I think it is some non-technical persons way of describing a blowback start plasma . If high frequency is bad, then low frequency must be good!. If the torch has a spring loaded internal plunger, or a spring loaded electrode (Hypertherm only) then it is a blowback, non-high frequency start torch. The Razorcut usually comes with a knockoff copy of a 25 year old Hypertherm blowback design torch with a spring loaded plunger for electrode movement. Jim Colt Hypertherm

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