Bender recommendations?
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    Bender recommendations?

    Im looking to you guys for recommendations on a better bender platform. I love my Hossfeld for doing solid bar, flats, angle and virtually everything but tubing. I am getting in quite a bit of aluminum/ marine fabrication work and while I can suffice bending tube on my Hossfeld with the dies I have, I don't really want to invest in more tubing dies for it as they are expensive and I know there are better platforms on the market. Currently I am between the Rogue Fabrication bender and of course the JD2 model 32 but I am certainly open to suggestions. What are your guys suggestions, pros/cons to each bender, etc? My Hossfeld does have a hydro-pack that i could easily adapt to the new bender.
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    Re: Bender recommendations?

    I have the JD2 Model 4. I bought it with the hydraulic cylinder and pump. It works well.

    The Pro is the price is acceptable for the capabilities. It is a solid unit and works very well. Sure, some benders do more bend in one stroke, but I have never had issues with it.

    Cons: If you are doing a lot of bending rather than just once in a while one-offs, You will probably be as frustrated as I am with having to pull the pins out to remove the material. The units that bend from under the table are more expensive for a reason.

    There are many knock offs out there that were developed by people trying to make it cheaper. That works for the guy with a jeep he wants to build up for himself. It is not practical for a shop in my opinion.
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