Everlast welder gas flow issue
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    Everlast welder gas flow issue

    Hi all,
    I own an Everlast power I-Tig 200 and it has been working fine until about a week ago when the gas flow for the Tig side of it stopped working. Now it puts out gas for only about a quarter of a second when i press the trigger but then stops putting out gas. when i start the weld i hit the trigger and hear a clicking sound and the aforementioned short gas flow. i pulled apart the welder and found a blown IGBT with the part number FF60UP30DN but other than that i didn't find any visible damage. If someone has any experience with a problem similar to this or knows something about Everlast welders please respond.

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    Re: Everlast welder gas flow issue

    Why haven't you called tech support? They can help you. If the unit is still in warranty or out, they will be able to help you get the part and or a solution to your problem and or get you authorization to ship it back for repair.
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