Magnum 100SG - Magnum Pro 100SG, Differences?
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    Magnum 100SG - Magnum Pro 100SG, Differences?

    Thinking about getting a spool gun to go with my Lincoln 180 welder. I see listings for the Magnum 100SG, and for the Magnum Pro 100SG. When I look on the website, I find both, but don't really see any differences in the descriptions. The only real difference that I can see is the price, with the "Pro" being about $75-$100 more expensive. So, am I missing something? Is the "Pro" version really better and/or worth more?


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    Re: Magnum 100SG - Magnum Pro 100SG, Differences?

    As far as I can tell the magnum 100SG is the older model and uses the older style consumables. The magnum pro 100SG is the newer style and uses the newer magnum pro consumables
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