Linde/Esab tig torch HW-9
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    Linde/Esab tig torch HW-9

    I posted about this before, after 10-15 minutes, I cant find anything, so I will try again.

    I have a small Linde HW-9 (or HW-90? no #'s on it) (Esab P4-65?)

    Not tryin too hard, but I cant find buyable consumeables.

    Esab website has listed items but everything is "Buy Locally" I tried to email them but gave up on the 'type the numbers you see' after 6-8 trys. No numbers, no post.

    Local suppliers (5 star - airgas) have listings for these items, but no access to them.


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    Re: Linde/Esab tig torch HW-9

    From what I see it shares consumables with the WP-20 series torch.

    If the parts are different, pictures would help.
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