Hobart gp 258
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Thread: Hobart gp 258

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    Hobart gp 258

    I have a old Hobart need help on finding parts. I don't think these are any good. What are the name of the part and where can I find it.
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    Re: Hobart gp 258

    Your right, those are messed up. Is that the big amperage adjusting "steering wheel"? Hit junk yards or watch Craig's list for old Hobart shop welders that can be bought cheap. Those have not been available from Hobart for years. I harvested one last week but it's going to our resident Hobart guru on Welding Web, Slob.

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    Re: Hobart gp 258

    Hmmmm, I responded to this day before yesterday. Most any mid 1960's up five position rotary current selector from Hobart will work. You could probably purchase a complete welding machine for less $$$ than just that one part if the machine didn't weld. There is possibility that one could be repaired but I'd need to see it up close as it's just a contact ring. It probably got corroded and the elevated resistance caused heating where it shouldn't have. Also looks like someone whom never should have touched it, did.

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