Double Decker Dirt Bike Storage & Lift
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    Double Decker Dirt Bike Storage & Lift

    One of several weld projects I've made. The "Double Decker Dirt Bike Storage Lift"
    I wanted to reduce the garage floor foot print of my kids' dirt bikes, and be able to wheel them around to push into a corner of garage when not in use.
    Came up with this idea. It doubles as maintenance platform too.
    Sorry for the sideways photos.....


    Base and 'back bone' are 2" square tube w/ 3/16 wall.
    Upper level is 2" square tube w/ 1/8" wall.
    Sliding section on back bone is 2-1/4" square tube w/0.090" wall
    Platforms are 3/4" plywood.
    Wheels are 200lb casters from McMasterCarr. Threaded directly into base frame.
    Lifting mechanism is a Harbor Freight hand crank WORM GEAR boat trailer winch. The WORM GEAR part is important!
    I usually use my cordless drill with a 3/4 socket to 'drive' the worm gear. The handle is for emergency backup.
    Welded with a Northern Industrial 135 MIG using flux core wire.

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    Re: Double Decker Dirt Bike Storage & Lift

    Good idea, well done.
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    Re: Double Decker Dirt Bike Storage & Lift

    Welcome to the forum and cool bikes!

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    Re: Double Decker Dirt Bike Storage & Lift

    Nice work,

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    Re: Double Decker Dirt Bike Storage & Lift

    Pretty cool.

    Never enough room in the garage.
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    Re: Double Decker Dirt Bike Storage & Lift

    Clever adaptation of the duct lift design and nice execution of the 2 part line along with worm drive winch for minimal work to lift the load along with maximum free fall prevention.
    Is there room between the tube walls for teflon sliders to minimize drag?

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    Re: Double Decker Dirt Bike Storage & Lift

    Hey Virgil5.
    There is about 0.050" clearance all the way around on the 'slider' section, but the inside surfaces of the sliding tube are smooth enough that a liner was not needed.
    Believe me, I had a contingency plan ready with some sheet Teflon, but I guess I got lucky. The only other surface prep work I did was fully clean and wipe down the 'back bone' and inside surfaces of the slider tube. No grease or lube anywhere. (I knew that if I did put grease on it for lube, Id forget it was there and lean on it or put my hands on it.)

    A few more pics and close ups of welds.
    Oh, and the 'design' done via Google SketchUp.

    2" square tube, 3/16" wall, Flux core, two passes, max heat for my 110v 135A box.
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    Lay up and fit checks. Some gaps to fill......
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    My 'workshop' & tacking the 'backbone' to the base and making sure its square and vertical.
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    Re: Double Decker Dirt Bike Storage & Lift

    You can get dry lube greases or you can make your own. One nice product is a grease stick, looks like a chapstick on steroids that is essentially dry to the touch. You can also use candle wax rubbed on, or even hard soaps.
    Gee, I wonder how you learned about a paw full of grease. Usually happens when there ain't a rag in sight.

    With .050 I'd probably go to teflon at least on the major bearing surfaces just to prevent a bindup. I think the tape I have is about .015 after the backing is pulled away.

    MIght get to thinking about a pair of front wheel boots to hold the tires. That would eliminate the constant load on the suspension from the straps. Maybe LED lighting too so you don't walk into it in the dark. Looks like you can also extend the boom to use it as an elevator to lift bikes # 3 thru infinity up to hang from the rafters.

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