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    Re: TIG weld critique

    Quote Originally Posted by TimmyTIG View Post
    You need to get some bigger plates.
    I’ll check out what the scrap metal place has, it’s complete luck of the draw what they have each day.

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    Re: TIG weld critique

    Lots of ways of doing things. A couple pics that might help demonstrate the lay technique and something you can try. Here, on 3/16th plate (or any thickness), bevel and tack just tight enough so your 1/8th filler won't pass through. Bend a couple inches of the rod so it lays flat in the groove. The second pic shows some heat settings but you can start as low as 80. Everything depends on heat of course, but one general rule to note about tig welding roots is that in the overhead you keep the arc on the center of the gap (and feed extra rod to get your penetration) and on the flat you move the torch from bevel to bevel across the filler (to keep the filler itself from melting through). So to practice this lay-wire-on-the-flat, I'd start the arc at the end of the filler but on one of the bevels. Then quickly cross over to the opposite bevel and give it a little heat. Across one more time and the filler should start to flatten. Then advance along the groove, still alternating from bevel to bevel at a pace that just flattens the filler.

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    Re: TIG weld critique

    try welding your band saw blade back together.
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    Re: TIG weld critique

    Quote Originally Posted by rohinipatel2018 View Post
    The little pit is commonly referred to as a crater, and crater cracks are the number one fault with tig welding. Your puddle is shrinking too fast. There's a few techniques. If you can really slowly taper off your amperage that's best, also adding some filler just before breaking off the arc will help as it'll quench the puddle. You can also back step a little over your weld to spread the heat. If it's just too much, you can always go back and re-melt the crater, just remember to add a little filler. When using spray transfer (steel mig) or globular (steel flux) craters always form at the end because it's such a big puddle, which is why we either back step or trigger the end of the weld. It's much more common in aluminum [LINK REMOVED] for welding.
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    Re: TIG weld critique

    Well now I want to click on the link.
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