mxcah - My personal introduction
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    mxcah - My personal introduction

    Hello, my name is micah and im new to these forums. I joined because I am seeking guidance for the next 10 months as I just started a 10 month program at TWS (Tulsa Welding School) in jacksonville and not only that but I want to meet people who have the same interest I do and with better experience as well.

    So 2 Tuesday's ago (September 4th) I went to my first class at Tulsa and we got out equipment and what not, nothing special. On the following day we began welding, for our first assignment they had us running horizontal beads using 7018 electrodes running at about 125 amps, again nothing special besides the fact it was my first time welding EVER. and i ended up getting a 90 on the assignment. Now this week were doing vertical beads with the same electrodes except my instructor is having us run it at 102-105 amps and I seem to be struggling a bit more. Now I understand vertical beads are one of the most difficult welds to learn but for some reason I cant stay consistent, tbh my welds look like ****!!! But I guess im still learning. Anyways during these past few weeks i've grown an interest in welding unlike any others and feel if i get some pro tips (Beyond my instructors) I can excel beyond my class. Oh i forgot to mention 3 months out of the 10 is pipefitting so I can become a pipeline welder. Anybody here a pipeline welder that can tell me what im in for? lmao anyways that's me I hope I can make some friends and get some decent help

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    Re: mxcah - My personal introduction

    I'm not a pipeliner, but I do have a few years of rodburning on my hood.
    You're in one of the finest schools there is for future weldOrs (that's an adjectival noun, learn what it means).

    Over time I've watched a lot of people have problems transitioning from flat to vertical. I've come to the conclusion it's more a matter of being unable to hold the weight of the stinger + cable than anything. Instructors naturally tend to focus on the arc and puddle end of the rod when teaching. They are not seeing the problem.

    The weight in vertical positions is entirely different than it is in horizontal positions, and the weldor is holding all of it. He's also attempting to execute a lot of dexterity to precisely move the arc about a foot from his hand.
    I suggest you observe other students and even instructors to see this situation. Better yet, with the machine turned off, and the stinger in hand, and hood off, go through the motions and video your arm and hand so you can watch what you're actually doing.

    Further suggestion, get or make a 10 pound dumbell, NOT a giant beer mug, and use it in place of a stinger in your off time to develop strength and motor control.

    Rest assured you're going to screw up and burn holes, it's part of learning. Accept it, learn from it, and learn how to fix the mistakes. It ain't going to happen overnight, so accept that and build on what you have.
    The fun has just begun.

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    Re: mxcah - My personal introduction

    Welcome and best wishes in your venture. My daughters ex bf was a Tulsa grad and gets to travel the country, he's currently in Hawaii on a job, he makes good money, it's just a shame that he's such a jackass and deadbeat dad.
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    Re: mxcah - My personal introduction

    Congrats on starting a welding program!
    Gina M. Tabasso
    HGR Industrial Surplus

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