Lincoln Electric Ranger 8 for sale
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    Lincoln Electric Ranger 8 for sale

    I need advice. I inherited a Lincoln Electric Ranger 8 LPG (Kohler engine) that was bought in 2003, but never used it so it is in mint condition. My father-in-law (RIP) bought it for power outages (that never happened) and he did run the engine periodically and kept it maintained so it probably has, at most, one hour on it.
    Model K1616-1
    Multi-purpose Arc Welder w 8,000 watts of auxilliary power
    Kohler CH20S Command Engine w LP
    It is on a cart and has been a Lincoln Electric cover except when it was run for maintenance.
    There is no LP tank with the machine.
    I am in SW Florida and think selling it is a better option than using it just as a generator for power outages. Thoughts?
    Here are some pics.

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    Re: Lincoln Electric Ranger 8 for sale

    I would think you could get $2500 - $3000 fairly easy. Look and see what a decent new generator would cost to replace it if you need a generator. If you can't get within $500 of the difference, keep this and run the snot out of it. It'll still be worth $2000 worn out.
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