Dead Miiller Equipment FS
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    Dead Miiller Equipment FS

    Before I throw out/scrap these I figured I would see if anyone was interested in them. I am located in Plymouth Michigan.

    I have a dead Miller Maxtron 450. It sort of powers on but will blow your fuses after about 5 seconds. It also has both power modules with blown IGBT modules that miller no longer sells. otherwise the welder looks good. serial number is KF81752

    I also have a Miller spectrum 375 extreme bought new around 2010. I will get a serial number next time I can. It does not power on or do anything. It was working and then it stopped. Miller repair facility said the board was bad and was not worth repairing. It has the ICE style torch that has about 3 hours on it and I have a ton of electrodes and tips to go along with it. maybe 25 of each. Will get a accurate count as soon as I can.

    Forum says I have to put a price so ill ask $300 dollars but if someone is interested in all or part of this its not worth much in scrap so make an offer.

    Thank you.

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    Re: Dead Miiller Equipment FS

    I'm interested in the plasma.
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    Re: Dead Miiller Equipment FS

    My Maxtron 450 has some issues with the current meter, if I can figure out why I might be interested in some parts
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