Tig cup size question
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    Tig cup size question

    I'm going to start welding someb1/8 inch steel with a 3/32 tungsten outside if we get a calm day. I wondering what size cup to put on my torch?

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    Re: Tig cup size question

    I think you will get a lot of different answers... kind of a personal preference.

    I started scratch tig with an Aluma 6 cup then my HTP machine I used their pyrex gas lens which is probably about an 8 cup...

    I recently went back to Aluma cups.... basically because if you break the pyrex, it's about 20 bucks to replace it...
    using a 5 cup now with a gas lens...... less gas is a plus too... and you can get into tighter places...

    Buy a kit with different sizes and see what you prefer.
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    Re: Tig cup size question

    Like JohnT said does not matter what size cup you use. The biggest thing is to keep any wind out so it doesn't blow your argon away from the weld pool. Tarps, ply wood, cardboard, whet ever it takes to block any wind.

    Once I had to tig weld some aluminum brackets on an piece of equipment outside in the wind, I got a drop light and hung it over my shoulder for some light and covered me and the work piece up with a big tarp was a pain trying to see were to start the arc but got er done.
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    Re: Tig cup size question

    I like the 5 cup, gives good argon velocity over 8 cup. I run my 5 at about 11 CFh. The 8 requires about 18-20. For our side I’d choose the 5 at about 15-17 cfh

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    Re: Tig cup size question

    Big cup with a big gas lens, and tarps to block any wind. No.8 sounds about right.

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    Re: Tig cup size question

    Use a jumbo gas lens and a 10 cup. Plenty of flow, plenty of coverage.
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    Re: Tig cup size question

    Quote Originally Posted by Munkul View Post
    Big cup with a big gas lens, and tarps to block any wind. No.8 sounds about right.
    I am in this #8 gas lens camp for outside welding suseptable to wind. Otherwise I should be #6 for inside joints, and #7 for outside joints working in the shop out of the wind.
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    Re: Tig cup size question

    gas lens #8 cup on 99% of what i weld
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