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    Re: New vehicle frame welds

    Quote Originally Posted by anothersteveg View Post
    2018 Jeep JL, 6 months old, 7000 miles. Supposedly there is a recall coming up. These were just a few from the driver side, passenger side just as bad. Please let me know how bad these really look.

    I’m just a hobby welder, learned a lot from the collective wisdom here over the years and appreciate your input. Dropped it off at the dealer this morning to get the ball rolling.

    Thanks!Attachment 1692635
    bottom left, looks the weld missed on material deposition. THere is evidence of heat input, but not much filler. Might just be the angle of the photo though.
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    Re: New vehicle frame welds

    I think those welds qualify this vehicle as a lemon and you should not have to accept these issues. Since it is new and the problem has been acknowledged, I would return it and demand my money back.

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    Re: New vehicle frame welds

    I posted up some Tesla frame welds from one of their showroom chassis a year or two back. Looked worse than that.
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    Re: New vehicle frame welds

    Yeah but that was just a prototype.
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    Re: New vehicle frame welds

    Quote Originally Posted by Virgil5 View Post
    Piss poor rework by a UAW hourly employee who doesn't have to give a dam.

    I got a buck says the overwelds are just crap piled on top of what the robot screwed up because it was programmed by a suit in a cubicle.
    Woulda worked too, BUT they got BUSTED.

    What is the manufacturer doing to provide a substitute vehicle while they look at the one you're paying for sit on the lot?
    That's why I dont drive merkin made garbage.I had the dishonor of owning a couple of mid seventies pieces of junk and two 90's models of Grand Cherokee with the super mountain packages etc. Absolute garbage. Take a creeper and roll all over the lot and look at that junk. " Low financing ! Early pre 2019 models at X%" No down payment required. No payments until after Christm..... I mean end year holidays
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    Re: New vehicle frame welds

    I often wonder what we would be driving here today if the Japanese cars hadn't shown up to create some competition for the US auto industry.


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