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Thread: 308l

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    This is a quckie but i got a batch of 308L rods for free. They are 1/8" and yeah. I am only going to use them to join mild steel together. Not any stainless steel. I like the bluish affect on the welds. Is there anyway i can replicate that on mild steel. What amps should i use, was using 125a. Any thing special about 308L that i should know, thanks.
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    Re: 308l

    Here is a picture of stainless-steel SMAW on mild steel.
    Also, Miller’s welding calculator for ball park settings.
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    Re: 308l

    I have a few old welding books. I get from them that 308 in a stick rod has the advantage of great ductility. They talk of using 308 SMAW rods to "butter the faces" of high carbon to limit dilution, improve ductility, then filling the gap between with cheaper 7018. I see old welds on high carbon steel in construction equipment done with stainless stick welds. Never seen a fail.

    In TIG it can improve success where you can't thoroughly clean all surfaces. Repair welds on hydraulics being an example.
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